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Открытый урок по английскому языку


"The big screen". 8-й класс


  1. Повысить интерес к изучению предмета.

  2. Формировать навыки и умения интеллектуального труда, развивать любовь к предмету.

  3. Воспитывать уважение к культуре стран изучаемого языка и своей собственной культуре.

  4. Учить детей пользоваться новой лексикой по теме.

  5. Включать учеников в такие виды деятельности, которые развивают у них, волевую, эмоциональную и мотивационную сферы.

Оборудование: учебник, телевизор, видеомагнитофон, кассета с записью двух отрывков из фильмов, кассета с записью музыки, рекламные плакаты.

Ход урока

1 этап:

приветствие, историческая справка о кинематографе.

T. Hello, dear boys and girls! Please, sit down. The theme of today’s lesson is “The big screen.”

We’ll talk about films, about making films, we’ll find out what you think about some films, make posters for our class.

Today is possible to buy a video and watch a film at home, but millions of people all over the world still prefer to go to their town or city cinema for a ‘night out’. And before television arrived in people’s homes, a visit to the cinema was something really special to look forward to.

The ‘golden age’ of film-making was between about 1930 and 1950.

But how did it all begin…?

Let’s listen our pupils!

(Учащиеся рассказывают историю кинематографа, представляя заранее приготовленные плакаты.)

P1. The first moving pictures were simple ‘shadow shows’ or ‘shadow plays’.

P2. Then came the magic lanterns which projected painted glass slides on to a screen. These became very popular in Europe in the 18th century, and lantern showmen travelled from village to village.


P3. But in the 1820s Niepce invented photography, and soon photographs were used instead of the much more expensive glass slides.

P4. In 1893 the world’s first film studio was built by Edison in West Orange, New Jersey.

P5. The Lumiere brothers gave the first performance of their Cinematographe ih Paris in 1895, in a room under the Grand Cafe.

Т. How did Hollywood begin?

Р. Harvey and Daidia Wilcox came to Los Angeles in 1883, when there were orange and lemon farms in the area. 3 years later they owned fifty hectares of land which they called Hollywood. The Wilcoxes sold the land bit by bit and the first Hollywood studio was built in 1911 by the Nestor Company/ The American filmmakers came to California because the weather was good and the Californian workers were cheap to employ.

In 1913 started Paramount Studios and Universal Studios. The Fox Company two years later. Warner Brothers started in 1919 and Columbia in the early 1920.

2 этап: введение новой лексики.

T. Well, nowadays there are many types of films.

Look at the blackboard, please. There are some new words for you. Listen to me and repeat after me:

  • Westerns

  • Horror films

  • Detective films

  • Cartoons

  • Romantic films

  • Fantasy novels

  • Science fiction

  • Film-catаstrophe

(Учитель обращает внимание на доску, где находятся рекламные плакаты фильмов и просит учеников сказать к какому типу они относятся.)

What type of film is…….?

Мatch the correct name to the posters.

And now let’s listen some pieces of music. Music is very important in a film.

What type of film do you think each piece of music comes from?

(Ученики прослушивают музыкальные отрывки и высказывают свое мнение.)

3 этап: аудирование.

Let’s imagine that we are in our cinema.

We’ll see two parts of the films. And we’ll try to answer some questions.

What can you say about these films?

What was about?

What happened?

Who was in it?

(Ученики просматривают 2 отрывка из фильмов и отвечают на вопросы.)


  • film - catastrophe

  • The Titanic sailed from England

  • She was the largest ship on the seas

  • The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank

  • A lot of people drowned in the tragedy

  • Leonardo DiCaрrio plays the poor Jack Dowson

  • He meets Kate Winslet who plays Rose

  • They fall in love

The Lion-King

  • cartoon

  • it tells of the love between a lion ruler, Mufasa, and his son Simba

  • Uncle Scar wants to rule

  • Rafiki helps Simba to reclaim his true destiny in the ‘circle of life’

4 этап: защита проектов.

Your home task was to make a poster for our class let’s see it!

The first film is ‘The Lord Of The Rings’

Who wants to tell us some words?

(Ученики были разделены на 2 группы и дома подготовили рекламные плакаты двух фильмов, их задача - защитить свои мини-проекты.)

The Lord of the Rings”

The Lord of the Rings were filmed in 2001. It’s a very complex work. This film was made in New Zealand. It took 15 months. We can see a lot of modern special effects.

P. Tolkien created his own world inhabited by wizards, elves, goblins and hobbits. Frodo is given a dengerous task. He must destroy the magic ring which gives owner great power. We think this film is very interesting.

Harry Potter”

This film uses the latest techniques to show the characters performing magic and flying on broomsticks.

In the first film, Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone,

Harry didn’t know he was a wizard. He received a letter from Hogwarts School and went there to have the proper wizard training. He finds a parallel world where wizards families live and practise magic. Hogwarts is a huge castle with towers, ghosts.

But Harry’s true adventures begin when he finds out that there are some things afoot at Hogwarts… Harry has real friends. They are Ron and Hermione.

Т. Well, give the films one to five stars.

(Ученики по очереди высказывают свое мнение об этих фильмах и присваивают им звезды.)

( I’ll give 1 star …… because I don’t like it. It is boring.)

( I’ll give 2 stars ……. because it’s a little bit better than going to sleep.)

( I’ll give 5 stars…. because this film is very interesting).

Well, let’s see! Harry Potter has___ stars.

The Lord of the Rings has___ stars.

Harry Potter is more interesting.

5 этап: отработка нового материала.

T: Well, let’s speak about the people who make films. Usually, at the end of a film you can see a long list of people who made it. Look at this list. Do you know what each person does?

These words are too easy to understand we needn’t explain their meaning. Choose the correct ending.

A producer
A director
A writer
An editor
A director of special effects

organizes the special effects.
…organizes the money for the film.
…writes a script.
…plans how they can make a film.
… cuts the film and joins it together the way director wants it.

6 этап: подведение итогов урока путем тестирования.

Ученикам раздается тест, который включает в себя задания, отражающие работу на уроке. После выполнения ученики проверяют свои результаты (на доске открываются правильные ответы). Ученикам выставляются оценки.

Test to the topic “ The big screen”

Complete the sentences using the right word:

1. Music is very….. in a film.

a) important

b) dangerous
c) long

2. I like … . They are funny.

a) horror films

b) cartoons
c) detective films

3. Harry Potter is a …..

a) author
b) wizard
c) ghost

4. This film ….. the latest techniques to show special effects.

a) used
b) use

c) uses

5. This film is only…… now.

a) possible
b) impossible
c) possibility

6. British audiences will recognize famous actors and actresses….. the parts of the witches and wizards.

a) play
b) plays
c) playing

T. Well? Good for you! Well done!  Now you know your marks. What have we done today?

P. We have learnt some new words.

P. We have done a test.

P. We have seen 2 short parts of the films.

P. We have done our projects. Ets.

T. Good. Thank you very much for your work. Good-bye.

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