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Текущий и итоговый контроль
Текущий контроль осуществляется в течение всех двух лет обучения в виде небольших письменных контрольных работ и лексико-грамматических тестов, письменных и устных опросов по пройденному материалу, проверки внеаудиторного чтения текстов научного, бытового или страноведческого характера.

Итоговый контроль представляет собой семестровые зачеты и итоговый экзамен в конце курса.

Семестровый зачет складывается из письменной контрольной работы и устного зачета. Письменная работа представляет собой лексико-грамматический тест или перевод (без словаря) до 20 предложений с английского языка на русский или перевод до 10 предложений с русского языка на английский (предложения содержат изученный в семестре грамматический и лексический материал). Содержание устного зачета может варьироваться преподавателем в зависимости от уровня, интересов и потребностей конкретной студенческой группы и особенностей пройденного материала.

Содержание итогового экзамена:

1. Письменный перевод с английского языка на русский (со словарем) текста по широкому профилю специальности студента объемом до 1,8-2,2 тыс. печатных знаков в течение 60 мин.

2. Устное реферирование (без словаря) с английского языка на русский (или на английском языке по желанию студента) текста по широкому профилю специальности студента объемом до 1,6 тыс. печатных знаков за 10 мин.

3. Прослушивание (однократное) магнитофонной записи английского текста по бытовой или страноведческой тематике объемом до 150-180 слов и ответы на вопросы по тексту (письменно).

4. Беседа по специальности и об общих интересах студента.

Образец письменной семестровой контрольной работы
Переведите письменно (без словаря) с русского языка на английский следующие предложения:

1. Основными узлами шасси являются: трансмиссия, ходовая часть и рулевой механизм.

2. Радиатор расположен в передней части автомобиля.

3. Маховик крепится на задней части двигателя.

4. Сцепление соединяет двигатель с коробкой передач.

5. Коробка передач предназначена для изменения скорости движения автомобиля.

6. Усилие передается карданным весом.

7. Главная передача снижает высокие обороты двигателя до невысоких оборотов ведущих колес.

8. Дифференциал позволяет ведущим колесам вращаться с разной скоростью при повороте автомобиля.

9. Рулевой механизм предназначен для изменения направления движения автомобиля.

10. Тормоза используются для остановки или снижения скорости автомобиля.

Примерное содержание устного семестрового зачета
1. Переведите письменно текст (со словарем) с английского языка на русский объемом 2 тыс. печатных знаков. Время на подготовку – 45 мин.
Car Is аn Ecological Disaster
"According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, driving a car is the single most polluting thing that most of us do." This is not a new problem. In the 1950's the Los Angeles smog made head-line news. Car exhaust causes health problems. There are many solutions to the problem.

Laws were enacted as long as twenty years ago to control pollution caused by cars. Since then laws have been made, such as special nozzles on gas pumps that prevent vapor from getting into the air. We also have more tests on cars to make sure cars are maintained in a way that protects our environment. In cities, laws ask that more people ride on buses, and employees that drive company cars should limit the time they drive and the number of trips that they make.

Cars emit several pollutants that are toxic. This causes many problems. One problem it causes is cancer. Most cars generate hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. Hydrocarbons cause eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and lung damage. Nitrogen oxide causes acid rain and leads to water quality problems. Carbon monoxide prevents oxygen from going through the lungs properly. All of these problems can be serious and effect the health of the people who live in the United States.

Some solutions to the problem are: cutting down on the number of cars, traveling at steady speeds, and keeping your car in good shape. You should never over fill your gas tank. You should always use clean gag. People should buy newer cars because they are made to create less pollution.

In summary, the problem of pollution from car exhaust is not new and is the single most polluting thing we do. The situation is so serious that many laws have been enacted to protect our environment. The pollutants that are emitted in car exhaust are very dangerous to our health. There are solutions to the problem if we just pay attention.
2. Прослушайте текст на английском языке (предъявление однократное) объемом 130 слов и выберите «правдивые» предложения, пометив их галочкой. Исправьте «ложные» утверждения. Время на подготовку – 15 мин.
I started working from home a couple of years ago. Er… the first thing I found was that my working week became much shorter … er … when I was in London I would work from nine in the morning until seven at night and then I came down here and found I was doing the same work in two or three hours. The main reason was that I didn’t have to bother about the staff of my holiday company. You see, I became the company’s only employee; the rest of the company went freelance. Take my secretary, for example. She moved to Ireland, bought a house and doubled her salary by working for several bosses instead of one. So, you see, I think telecommuting is a good thing. I’d recommend it to anyone.

1. He started telecommuting last year. [ ]

2. In London he worked two or three hours a day. [ ]

3. Now he works ten hours a day. [ ]

4. He is the company’s only employee. [ ]

5. His secretary now lives in Ireland. [ ]

6. She earns more now than she did before. [ ]

Образцы экзаменационных заданий
1. Переведите письменно (со словарем) текст по специальности с английского языка на русский объемом 2,2 тыс. печатных знаков в течение 60 мин.

The History of Mercedes- Benz

Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were born only 60 miles apart in southern Germany. Daimler was born March 17, 1834. A decade later, on November 25, Carl Benz was born.

Although they grew up with little in common, both boys were fascinated by machines from an early age. Because their approach to building cars was quite different, it is doubtful, though, that they met or even knew what the other was doing.

In 1886, Carl Benz built a motorized tricycle. His first four-wheeler, the Victoria, was built in 1893. The first production car was the 1894 Benz Velo which participated in the first recorded car race, the Paris-Rouen race. In 1895, Benz built his first truck.

In 1886, Gottlieb Daimler literally built a horseless carriage. In 1888 Daimler made a business deal with William Steinway (of piano fame) to produce Daimler's products in the US. From 1904 until a fire in 1907, Steinway produced Mercedes passenger cars, Daimler's light trucks, and his engines on Long Island.

Ironically, history says Daimler, generally considered to be the father of modern automobiles never liked to drive, if, indeed he ever learned to drive. On March 6, 1990, Daimler died, leaving control of his company to his chief engineer Wilhelm Mayback.

By November 22 of that year, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschat had produced a special car for Emil Jellinek. Jellinek named the car after his ten-year-old daughter Mercedes. Lighter and smaller, the new Mercedes had 35 hp and a top speed of 55 mph!

The 1903 Parsifil was Benz's answer to Mercedes. A two cylinder vertical engine produced a top speed of 37 mph in this car.

Aware of the promotional potential of racing, both Daimler and Benz entered many of them. However, up until 1908, Daimler had overshadowed Benz in racing endeavors. At the 1908 French Grand Prix, Benz took second and third place behind Lautenschlager driving a Mercedes. From that point on, both Benz and Daimler did well in racing.

At the beginning of the first world war, both factories were converted into production sites for war materials, although both resumed producing cars after the war.

2. Прочитайте английский текст по специальности объемом 1,5 тыс. печатных знаков и составьте (устно) реферат на русском языке (или на английском языке по Вашему желанию) в течение 10 мин.
A fantastic car badly overlooked. Used A8s are the best value luxury cars around. V8s are most fun, but they drink like fish

Audi's first foray into the world of luxury motoring was typically thorough and understated. Even the base 2.8-litre, six-cylinder engine provided strong performance, but there were also a 3.7-litre model and a 4.2-litre V8, as well as the option of quattro four-wheel drive (standard on later cars).

Automatic transmission was always standard. The A.8's unique selling point was its lightweight aluminium bodywork. While it is highly durable, repairing or replacing panels is very expensive, so ensure every panel is unmarked.

Mechanically the A8 is tough, with reliable engines and transmissions. It's superbly screwed together, so even older, high-mileage cars should still look and feel perfect.

All A8s are technically complex, especially the range-topping S8, and if the sophisticated electronics and management systems malfunction, it's very costly, so check all the warning lights.

Servicing is pricey, too. Only buy through an official dealer.

In terms of value, the A8 was always more affordable than rivals such as the Mercedes S-Class, but it also loses much more value over time, so used examples, are among the best value luxury cars around.

A new A8 was launched in May 2003, retaining its aluminium construction but adding a new six-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox and adaptive air suspension. Great to drive but even more complexity to worry about for the used buyer.

The new-generation A8 brought diesel engines to the range and these are the most desirable models for used buyers, keeping prices stronger than the V6 and V8 petrol models.

The extravagant W12 is a rarity, and used buyers run shy of its enormous running costs and potential for trouble, even if Audi quality makes this an unlikely outcome for a cared-for A8.

3. Прослушайте текст на английском языке (предъявление однократное) объемом 160 слов и ответьте на вопросы по содержанию текста (письменно).

Potato chips around the world

Are you a potato chip fan? Do you just love eating bags and bags of chips? Are you paying too much in your country? Where is best place for you to buy your favourite food? We’ve done a study on the price of potato chips in seven different countries around the Asia-Pacific area. All the following prices are in US dollars and cents.

If you live in Singapore, we suggest you move to Jakarta or Bangkok. In Singapore the average price of a bag of potato chips is 99 cents; in Jakarta, you’ll pay 33 cents and in Bangkok only 23 cents. It’s surprising, but a bag of chips in Kuala-Lumpur is more expensive than in Tokyo. People in Kuala-Lumpur pay an average 48 cents whereas the Japanese pay five cents less per bag – 43 cents. In Bombay you’ll pay slightly more for your potato chips than in Sydney: 54 cents in Bombay and 50 cents in Sydney.

1. Where is the best place for you to buy your favourite food?

2. Where is the worst place for you to buy your favourite food?

3. In what countries around the Asia-Pacific area have they done a study on the price of potato chips ?

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