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Контрольная работа № 1
I. В каждом предложении есть ошибка. Найдите и исправьте ее.
Образец: Antonia is Italiana. - Antonia is Italian.

  1. English is a language international.

  2. My brother no have a job.

  3. We have the dinner at 7.00.

  4. My children like they’re school very much.

  5. My brother go to university.

  6. John is a policemen from New York.

  7. My sister is more old than me.

  8. Where did you went last night?

  9. There are a letter, some newspapers and a book on the table.

II. Руководствуясь порядком слов английских предложений, составьте предложения из следующих слов, данных вразбивку. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

Образец: Madrid/Jorge/from/comes. — Jorge comes from Madrid.

  1. Your/what/name/teacher’s/is? — ____________________________

  2. often/weekends/go/I/at/swimming — __________________________

  3. Married/brother/is/your/not. — _______________________________

  4. friend/my/in/lives/Kiev.— __________________________________

  5. in/her/often/spends/Sochi/vacation/she — ______________________

III. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их, обращая внимание на особенности перевода на русский язык определений, выраженных именем существительным.

  1. I wouldn’t like an office job. I couldn’t spend the whole day at a desk.

  2. There are only daylight lamps in this room.

IV. Сейчас Вам надо составить предложения, используя конструкцию the more ... the less. Вы должны выбрать одну часть предложения в колонке А, а другую в колонке - В. Переведите предложения на русский язык:



  1. the earlier we leave

  2. the longer the telephone call

  3. the more goods you sell

  4. the more expensive the hotel

  1. the more you have to pay

  2. the better the service

  3. the sooner we’ll arrive

  4. the more profit you make

Образец: The earlier we leave, the sooner we’ll arrive.
V. Напишите вопросы и ответы в Past Simple, используя данные слова:
Образец: Who/you see/at the meeting? — Who did you see at the meeting?

I see/Jack/ not Amy. — I saw Jack, but I didn’t see Amy.

  1. Where/you go/in England? — ...

  2. We go/London/not Oxford. — ...

  3. What plays/they see/at Str. at ford? — ...

  4. They see/Hamlet/not Julius Caesar.— ...

VI. Вставьте пропущенные артикли, если это необходимо.

Образец: Who is the best player in your team?

«Is there a bank near here?» - «Yes, at the end of this street»

  1. What time is it? «I don’t know. I haven’t got ... watch».

  2. I like ... sport. My favourite sport is ... basketball.

  3. Everest is ... highest mountain in ... world.

  4. Last year we had ... wonderful holiday in ... south of ... France.

VII. Вставьте there’s/is there/it’s/is it.

Образец: «There’s a train at 10.30»-«Is it a fast train?»

  1. ... a red car outside the House, ... yours?

  2. «What’s that building?» ... a school.

  3. ... a restaurant in this hotel? «No, I’m afraid not»

  4. ... a big tree in the garden.

VIII. Закончите следующие предложения, используя them, they или their.

Образец: Has every body collected their luggage?

  1. Tell everyone I’ll wait for ... here.

  2. If somebody had called, ... would have left a message.

  3. The children are doing ... homework.

IX. Закончите следующие предложения, используя одно из местоимений, данных в скобках.

Образец: Everybody arrived in good time and meeting started promptly at 3.30. (anybody/everybody/nobody).

  1. That’s a very easy job. ... can do it. (anybody/everybody/nobody).

  2. I’m sorry, but there’s ... at home. (anybody/everybody/nobody).

  3. No, I don’t want ..., thanks. I’m not hungry. (something/nothing/anything)

  4. ... knew what to do next.(anybody/everybody/nobody).

  5. I’m having a lot of trouble with my car, and I can’t found ... who help me.(anybody/everybody/nobody).

X. Сейчас Вы должны использовать I think Ill ... или I dont think Ill ... . Прочитайте ситуацию и напишите ваше предложение.

Образец: It’s cold. You decide to close the window. I think I’ll close the window.

It’s raining. You decide not to go out. I don’t think I’ll go out.

  1. You arranged to play tennis. Now you decide that you don’t want to play. ...

  2. A friend of yours offers you a lift in his car but you decide to walk. Thank you but ...

  3. A friend of yours promises to lend you the money. You decide to pay him back on Friday. ...

XI. Перепишите предложения, используя повелительное наклонение.

Образец: You shouldn’t touch that. It’s very not.— Don’t touch that.

  1. She’s very tired. I hope you won’t wake her up. Please ...

  2. He’ll be in a hurry. You mustn’t keep him waiting. ...

  3. Can I carry that bag for you? ...

  4. We could telephone for help. ...

XII. Переведите и напишите значения модальных глаголов:

  1. She had to phone at 5, I can not wait any more.

  2. She may be reading now.

  3. You need not discuss this plan with the employees, it is your duty to be You can’t follow his conduct.

  4. responsible for these figures.

XIII. Переведите предложения и укажите временную форму по модели:

Образец: She had already gone when I arrived. - Они уже ушли, когда я появился.

had gone - Past Perfect от глагола to go

arrived - Past Indefinite от глагола to arrive.

  1. Where were you crossing the street ?

  2. I had already ordered the newspaper before the post room clerk came.

  3. They will be discussing this problem tomorrow at 5.

  4. Smirnoff will have signed the contract by the time visitors come.

  5. They had already hired the personnel by Monday.

XIV.Сделайте из Активной формы Пассивную по модели. Переведите Пассивную форму.

Образец: Mother sent her son for the doctor. - The doctor was sent for. -

За доктором послали.

  1. 1.New Experimental Theatre stages classical and modern plays. – Classical and modern plays …

  2. 2.Newspapers mentioned his name twice last week. - His name ...

  3. 3.She has prepared the report about Political Situation in the country. - The report ...

  4. 4.Petroff will test all samples. - All samples ...

  5. 5.Top Managers are supervising this department. This department ...

XV. Переведите и укажите причастия I или II:

Образец: I see a girl reading the article. (reading - причастие I)

  1. Having discussed all business matters they went to dinner.

  2. Where are all signed letters?

  3. New appointed manager is competent and businesslike.

  4. He is always finding faults with the new employees.

  5. They saw many accused murderers in the court.

XVI. Прочитайте и переведите текст. Задайте 8 вопросов к тексту. Подготовьте словарь неизвестных слов.

My Academy
The primary purpose of the Academy has always been to provide the highest quality training of future officials for the interior bodies.

The Academy offers three comprehensive five-year programs of academic and professional training: municipal management training program, business management training program, and a training program for law students. The purpose of these programs is to provide the students with basic legal and specialised knowledge and to develop professional and practical skills in different fields for competent job performance.

There are several departments at the Academy: the day department for the pre-service training and the correspondence department for the in - service training for personnel who combine their studies with service in interior agencies; a refresher course which offers advanced and specialised programs to improve legal knowledge and professional skills of practitioners. There is also a post-graduate course where former students are doing research work for a Master’s degree in Law or Management. Our Academy students study Law and Management. To perform the future job competently the students of our Academy are to acquire wide knowledge of many subjects. The Academy curriculum consists of general and special subjects, such as: Political History, Economics, Philosophy and Foreign Languages, different branches of Law: State Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law etc.

Every day the students attend lectures, seminars and practical instructions on these subjects. The practical instructions are to provide the student with basic knowledge and develop professional skills needed to perform satisfactorily the occupation role and complete the required practical tasks.

Satisfactory completion of all examinations and assignments is a requirement for graduation from the Academy.

On the teaching staff of the Academy there are many Professors and masters of Science. They deliver lectures, conduct practical instructions, individual training and consultations. These highly qualified teachers and scientists bring to the classroom advanced knowledge and practical experience.

Instructional facilities consist of spacious classrooms, lecture halls equipped with educational technology, special study rooms with visual aids, language laboratories for learning foreign languages, computer labs, a library, a reading room, a big conference hall for holiday celebrations and ceremonies.

The Volgograd Academy for Public Administration provides all the necessary conditions for good studies and leisure. The students are working hard as they want to acquire good knowledge and become skilled officials.

XVII. Прочитайте текст и письменно передайте основное содержание своими словами на русском языке.

Where to study
One major decision which faces the American student ready to begin higher education is the choice of attending a large university or a small college. The large university provides a wide range of specialized departments, as well as numerous courses within such departments. The small college, however, generally provides a limited number of courses and specialisation but offers a better student-faculty ratio, thus permitting individualized attention to students. Because of its large, cosmopolitan student body (often exceeding 20,000) the university exposes its students to many different cultural, social, and extra-curricular programmes. On the other hand, the smaller, more homogeneous student body of the small college affords greater opportunities for direct involvement and individual participation in such activities. Finally, the university closely approximates the real world; it provides a relaxed, impersonal, and sometimes anonymous existence. In contrast, the intimate atmosphere of the small college allows the student four years of structured living in which to contemplate and prepare for the real world. In making his choice among educational institutions the student must, therefore, consider many factors.

English universities and colleges, because of their selective intake, are relatively small. American universities, which combine a number of different colleges and professional schools, are large, sometimes with 20,000 to 25,000 students on one campus. Teacher training colleges and polytechnics are alternatives to the university course for some students in England, being established for specific purposes. In contrast, virtually all schools of education, engineering and business studies are integral parts of universities in the United States. In England, universities receive about 70% of their financial support through Parliamentary grants. Similarly, in the United States, public institutions receive about 75% of their funds from local, state, and federal sources, but private colleges and universities receive little or no government support. In England, personal financial aid is provided by the government to over 80% of the students, through local education authorities, according to the parents’ income. In the U.S., student aid is administered by the university or the sponsoring agency and is provided by private organizations and the state or federal governments. Obviously, British and American universities have similar educational aims but different means for achieving these aims.

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