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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку

Mark Twain and his Characters”.

Цели и задачи данного мероприятия:

  1. Познакомить учащихся с биографией и творчеством известного американского писателя Марка Твена.

  1. Расширить знания учащихся о культуре стран изучаемого языка.

  1. Обучить выразительному чтению и драматизации на английском языке.


  1. Портрет Марка Твена.

  1. Портреты героев литературных произведений Марка Твена.

  1. Географическая карта США.

Ход проведения мероприятия:

Звучит мелодия “Cindy”. Участники под музыку выходят на сцену.
Teacher: It is a melody of “Cindy” an old popular American song. It was very popular among farmers in small provincial American towns.

Pupil1. Hello, dear friends! Our party is devoted to Mark Twain a famous American writer, whose real name was Samuel Clemens. His works are very popular with children all over the world. November 30 is the birthday of Mark Twain.
Pupil 2. He was born in 1835 in the small town of Hannibal on the Mississippi river. He was the son of the lawyer and spent his childhood in a small town. There he went to school and had many friends. He was a lively boy and he was the leader in all the boys’ games.
Pupil 3. In 1847 his father died. The boy had to leave school and look for job. For ten years he worked as a printer. All his life Samuel was very fond of reading. While he was a printer he spent much time in libraries.
Pupil 4. In 1857 he found a job on a boat and traveled up and down the Mississippi. It was where he got his pen-name Mark Twain. It was taken from the call of the depth of the river. “Mark two”. Clemens worked as a pilot for more than four years.
Pupil 5. Later he used to speak about this time as the happiest period of his life and described it in his book “ Life on the Mississippi.
Pupil 2. Then the young man worked with the gold-miners in California for a year. Here he began to write stories and sent them to newspapers under the name of Mark Twain.
Pupil 4. Mark Twain did not get a good education, but he knew the folk songs and tales of the Negroes who lived along the Mississippi river, where he grew up.
( Звучит мелодия песни “ Home on the Range”)

Pupil 1. Mark Twain was fond of traveling. He traveled very much making speeches in different towns. During these speeches he always told several funny stories. He was also a famous humorist. There are many humorous stories connected with his name. Here is one of them.

(Сценка « Разговор Марка Твена с друзьями», Юмористические истории).
Pupil 2. In 1876 the book by Mark Twain “ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” was published. As Mark Twain said later many of the events described in this book really took place and characters came from real life. Tom Sawyer was very often the portrait of the writer himself, aunt Polly was his mother, Tom’s brother Sid was like his own brother. Look at the main characters:
Tom “ I am the main character in the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. My name is Tom. I hope you like to read about my adventures. I live with my Aunt Polly, my sister Mary and my brother Sid.”
Aunt Polly “ I’m Tom’s aunt. My name is Polly. Tom lives with his sister and brother in my house. I love them very much.”
Teacher: And now let’s see the scenes from the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.
( Drama “Tom doesn’t want to go to school”

“ Whitewashing the fence”)
Teacher: Thank you very much. It’s time to say goodbye to cunning Tom.
Tom:” Wait a minute, please. You forgot about my best friend Huckleberry Finn. Here he is. Hello, Huckleberry!”

H. F. “ Hello, my name is Huckleberry Finn. These two white men with guns, negro

Jim and I are from another book. It is about my adventures. Come on, Jim. Don’t be afraid. We’ll come to a country where all people are free and these two bad men with guns can do you no harm”.

Pupil 6. The” Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was published in 1884. Among Mark Twain’s books is” The Prince and the Pauper” a tale, loved by children all over the world. Writing didn’t bring much money to Mark Twain, so he had to give lectures on literature and read stories to the public. He visited a lot of countries and lived in England for a long time. He died in 1910.
Pupil7. Mark Twain’s memorial was designed in a small town of Hannibal. It is devoted to the famous writer and his characters^ Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Becky Tatcher, Aunt Polly and others. The strict and simple furnishings of those times are presented in the Clemens house. There is Tom’s bedroom downstairs. Tom went out the window of that room at night. Next to this house there is Becky Thatcher’s museum. If you press the button at the door wax Becky will tell you about Tom’s love for her. The museum of wax figures is in the house with ghosts. There are wax figures of Mark Twain’s parents and his literature heroes. At night you can see a ghost in a light window under the roof. You can visit a famous cave where Tom and Becky once wandered and there is an old tradition in Hannibal. Young people are married in that famous cave. They invite pastor and guests to their wedding and people throw money to return to the hometown of Mark Twain.

Teacher: Thank you very much. And now let’s sing a song “Cindy”. It’s an old American song. It was very popular among farmers in small provincial towns. They liked to sing “Cindy” and danced” Square Dance”.

Результативность проведения мероприятия
Проведение массовых мероприятий в содержательной и интересной форме создает благоприятные условия для развития лингвистической и социокультурной компетенции, формирования личностных качеств учащихся. В процессе подготовки и проведении данного мероприятия учащиеся узнали много нового о культуре, литературе стран изучаемого языка, получали навыки общения в коллективе, активизировали навыки основных видов речевой деятельности. Проведение мероприятия способствовало формированию ассоциативного мышления и творческой инициативы школьников.

Приложение 1.

Сценка « Разговор Марка Твена с друзьями»
The first man: I have just returned from a trip to the mountains. The air in these mountains was very clear. In many places the echo of a voice came back five times stronger than the original voice.

The second man: That is nothing. In Colorado in many places the echo of a voice spoken in the morning comes back in the afternoon.

Mark Twain: Listen! The echoes you have told about are very unusual. But in a small church in Hannibal where I was born there is an echo more unusual even than these.

The first man: What is so strange about the echo there?
Mark Twain: Well, I’ll tell you. If one says in a loud voice Good morning, How are you? The echo comes back after a moment very clearly: Very well, thanks. And how are you?

Юмористические истории:
Pupil1. Once Mark Twain was fishing. A stranger came along and asked him, “ Any luck? How many fish have you got?” “ I caught fifteen trout yesterday” Mark Twain said. “Is that so? said the stranger. “Well do you know who I am?” “No”, said Mark Twain. “I am the fishing inspector of this place and this the wrong season to catch trout”, answered the stranger. Mark Twain thought a while and said ”By the way, do you know who I am” “No”, replied the fishing inspector. “Well, I’m the biggest liar in this place”, said Mark Twain.
Pupil2: Mark Twain often received letters and photos from men who had been told they looked like him. One was from Florida and the man in the photo was so much like Mark Twain that the writer answered him: “My dear sir, I thank you very much for your letter and photo. We are so like each other that I am sure that if you stood before me in a mirrorless frame, I could shave by looking at you.


Drama” Tom doesn’t want to go to school”
Tom: I don’t want to come to school. Oh, what a wonderful idea came to me! Sid, Sid!
Sid: What has happened, Tom? Tom, say, Tom! What has happened to you?
Tom: Oh, Sid I’m dying. I’m not angry with you. I am not angry with Aunt Polly, tell her so. And, Sid, give my cat with one eye to the new girl at school and tell her…
Sid: Aunt Polly, come! Tom is dying!
Aunt Polly: Dying?
Sid: Yes, come quickly!
Aunt Polly: Tom, Tom what has happened to you, my boy?
Tom: Oh, Auntie, look at my hand! It’s red and hot.
Aunt Polly: Oh, Tom, stop that nonsense and get up!
Tom: Auntie, it is so hot that I’ve forgotten about my tooth.
Aunt Polly: Your tooth?
Tom: It’s loose.
Aunt Polly: Open your mouth. Well, you are right. Sid, bring me some thread.
Tom: Oh, please, dear Auntie, don’t pull it out! It is all right now. My tooth was all right, but I didn’t want to go to school
Aunt Polly: Oh, Tom, Tom, you don’t want to go to school. You want to go fishing. Tom, I love you so much, and you… Get up!

Drama “ Tom and Aunt Polly”
Aunt Polly: Tom, Tom where are you? Where that boy be? Tom! What? In the cupboard again?
Tom: No, Aunt Polly.
Aunt Polly: No? Look at your mouth! Look at your hands! What is that?
Tom: I don’t know, Aunt.
Aunt Polly: But I know! It’s jam. I told you a hundred times don’t touch jam in the cupboard.

Give me that stick.

Tom: Look behind you, Aunt!
Aunt Polly: What a boy! But I can’t beat him, he’s my sister’s son. It is Saturday tomorrow, a holiday. But no holiday for you, Tom Sawyer! You will work!

Drama” Whitewashing the Fence”
Tom: Today is Saturday. No school. But I must work. The boys will come soon. They’ll laugh at me.
Ben: Tom, what are you doing? Hello, Tom! Why are you working today?
Tom: Oh, It’s you, Ben, I didn’t see you.
Ben: I am going to the river. Do you want to go? But you must work, I see.
Tom: Work? But I like it. Does a boy whitewash the fence every day?
Ben: Tom, let me whitewash a little!
Tom: Oh, no, Ben.
Ben: Tom, please. I’ll give you my apple.
Tom: All right.
Billy: Hello, what are doing here?
Ben: Tom and I are whitewashing the fence.
Billy: I don’t think it’s interesting.
Ben: We do!
Billy: Let me do some whitewashing!
Ben: No, I won’t.
Tom: Stop! Now it’s your turn to whitewash, Billy. Now, it’s, your Ben.
Aunt Polly: Oh, you are a good boy, Tom. Now you may go and play.
Tom: Let’s run to the river!

Drama ”Tom and Becky”
Becky and Tom are sitting. Tom is drawing.
Becky: Let me see it. I like this house. It’s nice. Draw a man.

Tom: I’ll try.

Becky: It’s nice man. Now draw me coming along.
Tom: Do you like it?
Becky: It’s very very nice. I wish I could draw.
Tom: It’s easy, I can teach you.
Becky: Oh, will you? When?
Tom: At noon. Do you go home to dinner?
Becky: I shall stay if you will.
Tom: Good! What’s your name?
Becky: Becky Thatcher. What’ yours? Oh I know. It’s Tomas Sawyer.
Tom: Yes, that’s the name they call me when they punish me. I am Tom when I am good. You call me Tom, will you?
(Tom is writing)
Becky: Tom, let me see what you have written.
Tom: Oh, it’s nothing.
Becky: Please, let me.
Tom: You’ll tell.
Becky: No, I won’t.
Tom: You won’t tell anybody at all?
Becky: No, I won’t ever tell anybody. Now let me .
Tom: I love you!
Becky: Oh, you’re bad thing!


A song” Cindy”

1. You ought to see my Cindy

She lives way down South

She’s so sweet the honey bees

Swarm around her mouth.
Refrain: Get along home, Cindy, Cindy(3 times)

I’ll marry you some day.

2. The first I seen my Cindy

She was standing in the door

Her shoes and stockings in her hand

Her feet all over the floor.

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