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Устный журнал « Outstanding People Of our Region» в 7 классе

Цель : расширение кругозора учащихся, использование межпредметных связей (история, английский язык).


  • воспитание чувства сопричастности к истории страны и своего края;

  • воспитание чувства гордости за подвиг своих земляков.

Форма проведения - защита проекта в форме устного журнала

Оснащение : мультимедийный проектор, магнитофон

Ход мероприятия
Teacher: Today we’ll talk about the outstanding people of our region. We try to give the answer to the questions “Who can become the hero?”and “ What kind of man is the hero of Fedorovskya land?” We’ll talk about the Great Patriotic War, local wars; Afghanistan, the Chechen Republic

P1: There are many famous people and some heroes in our region. We have 3 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 2 Heroes of Socialist Labour. More than 8.000 of citizens of our region fought against fascism during the Great Patriotic War and now our young people are taking part in local wars.

P2: Our region is proud of three. Heroes of the Soviet Union. Their names are: Ivan Stepanovich Gavva, Ivan Andreevich Vasilenko, Alexander Petrovich Yunev.

P3: Ода Солдату
Солдату я слагаю оду.

Был ратный путь его тяжел.

Он все прошел: огонь и воду.

И трубы медные прошел.

Шагал по вражескому следу

До завершающего дня.

И прочно выковал Победу

Из грома, стали и огня.

И, полная творящей силы,

Вся в блеске солнца, не в дыму,

Стоит спасенная Россия,

Как вечный памятник ему.

(Александр Плотников)

P4: Ivan Stepanovich Gavva was born in 1918 in the village Fedorovka, Saratov region. He was born in a poor peasant family. It was hard time for the Soviet Union. Не spent a lot of time working with his father in the field. So he had little time for games. As other boys and girls of that time he liked to play lapta, tip-cat, blind-man’s-buff. At the age of 15 he was interested in mechanics. He spent all his spare time helping collective farmers to repair their tractors.

P5: In autumn 1939 he was called up for the Red Army.

(аудиозапись голоса Левитана)

During the Great Patriotic War he took part in the Battle of Kursk, the liberation of the Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Poland. He was decorated with the Order of Glory- 3d class in 1944.

(The Song”Katuysha”)

He was given the title of “Hero of the Soviet Union” and the medal “Gold Star” on February 27, 1945 when forced crossing the river Bzura and the liberation of Poland town Inovroplav.

On April 21, 1945 he was killed during the battle of Berlin.

P6: There is a monument in the village Fedorovka. The monument was built on fellow-villagers’ initiative in1964.

P 7 : Many young people of our region took part in the local wars: Afghanistan, the Chechen Republic: Volodya Raikov, Dmitriy Pimenov

P8: Vladimir Nikolaevich Raikov was born on March 6, 1961 in the village Mitrofanovka, Saratov Region. His parents were ordinary country toilers. He helped his parents with housework and looked after his younger sister.

P1: He liked flowers and machines. He picked flowers everywhere and gave them to his mother. Being a pupil he made a glider using the drafts of the magazine “Pioneer”. He was pained when his glider didn’t fly up. At that time he wanted to be a pilot. But then he took great interest in mechanics and radio engineering. Volodya assembled himself a motor cycle out of abandoned machines parts and rode the motor cycle to school. He studied very well at school and was curious and diligent. Volodya had a good sense of humour and he had a lot of friends.

P2: On April 23, 1979 he was called up for military service. He was in Samara for 6 months and then he was sent to Afghanistan. He served suitably. His parents received some thank-you letters. They were attacked during the road haulage load. Being wounded, Volodya took out his machine from the zone of firing…He was killed on May 29, 1981. He was decorated with the Order of the Red Star/posthumously/

P3: Volodya Raikov was buried in his village Mitrofanovka. Every year his relatives, friends, fellow-villagers came to his grave and brought the flowers.

P4: Солдаты гибли за Россию,

Как тогда, так и сейчас!

И за кого? Спроси, спроси их!

Ответят нам: «За вас, за вас!»

И эти имена в граните

Запомните вы навека!

Войну живые прокляните!

Война жестока и горька.

Война достала и убила

Солдата-внука! Мир суров.

Запомним все мы это имя-

Земляк, Владимир наш, Райков!

И ты забрал у нас его,


Скажи, ну как нам без него.


Он молод был и жил, любил.


Мы помним! Не забудь и ты его,


Л. Жиздюк, учитель

P5: Dmitriy Mikhailovich Pimenov was born on November 7, 1973 in Mokrous, Saratov Region. When he was 7, he went to secondary school in Mokrous. He was an ordinary pupil.
P6: During his summer holidays he went to а pioneer camp. He liked to play football, ride а bicycle, run and jump. He took part in the competition in athletics and won the prize.
P7: He was called up for military service on March 4, 1994. At first he served in Ulyanovskand then Dima was sent to the Chechen Republic. Dmitriy took part in fighting actions. He was killed on March 29, 1995, showed courage and determination. He was decorated with the Order “For Personal Courage” /posthumously/
P8: Dmitriy Pimenov was buried on April 8,1995 in Mokrous
P1: We think

  • hero is a man respected for bravery or noble qualities

  • hero is a man who is ready to accomplish a feat for the welfare of people

  • everyone can become a hero.

Teacher: All people should live in peace and harmony.  Our present and future can not be without the past


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