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1. Данному тексту соответствует один из следующих заголовков:

Nowadays, potatoes are the “in” thing so far as health is concerned. In the 60s and 70s we were told to avoid them at all costs for fear of getting fat, but now they have been reinvented by the dieticians as a source of fibre and vitamins.

а) Fashions in Food

b) Health Problems

c) Getting Fat

d) Vitamins

2. Данный текст относится к рубрике:

It is impossible to make any statement about the characteristics of the Irish, but they are known for their humour, hospitality, kindness.

The Irish know how to have a good time and very often they get enjoyment in the pub to the accompaniment of Irish folk music.

a) Irish entertainments

b) Irish humour

c) Irish people

d) Irish pubs

3. Прочитайте текст:
There were two men, a potter and a painter. The potter was envious of the painter because the painter had made a lot of money and had not given any to the potter when he had asked for it. So the potter wanted to teach him a lesson. He went to the king and said to him:

“My king, I know you want a white elephant, like the one that only your father had. I can tell you how to get it. My friend, the painter, knows how to change any colour to white. Tell him to come here and make your gray elephant white.”

The king called his men and told them to bring the painter. Very soon the painter stood before the king, and the king told him:

“Somebody has told me that you know how to change the colour of anything into white. I want you to make my gray elephant white. And remember, if you want to live, you must do it.”

The painter thought, “My last day has come because I cannot change the colour of the elephant.” He wanted to tell the king about it, but suddenly he saw the potter's laughing face. The painter understood everything and decided to teach him a lesson, too.

“A11 right, my king,” - he said, “I can make your elephant white. But when I change the colour of anything I put it into water for a long time. And I have no pot for your elephant. It must be a very large pot.”

“Potter,” said the king, “did you hear that? Go and make a pot large enough for my elephant!”

“What have I done!” - thought the potter, but it was too late. He went home and tried to make a pot for months and months. He worked hard, did not sleep well, he thought about the pot and often cried at night. But of course he could not make it.

But one day the elephant ran away to the woods, and that was the happiest day for the potter. He was given a good lesson and never did such a bad thing again.
Верной является следующая последовательность событий:
a) The king orders the painter to make his elephant white.

b) The painter understands who has got him into trouble.

c) The potter tells the king that the painter can make his elephant white.

d) The painter takes revenge on the potter.

e) The envious potter wants to plot against the painter.

f) The potter regrets plotting against the painter.

4. Лексически данному контексту соответствует предлог:

Who is responsible ___ catering services?

a) in

b) to

c) for

d) on

5. Данному контексту лексически соответствует одно из предложенных слов:

You'd better ____ your coat before you go out into the cold.

a) wear

b) dress in

c) have on

d) put on

6. Верной реакцией на данный стимул является:

I don't like olives.

a) I don't too.

b) Neither do I.

c) But I don't

d) So do I.

7. Предложение слева означает:

Buy two films and get one FREE

  1. Buy three films for the price of two.

  2. Get a free film with every one you buy.

  3. Films bought here are printed free.

  4. All films here are given free.

8. Верным написанием слова является
a) variaty

b) varity

c) variety

d) veriaty

9. Синонимичными по значению являются слова:

1) flight attendant

2) luggage

3) delay

4) plane

5) take off

a) baggage

b) leave the ground

c) aircraft

d) put off

e) stewardess

10. Противоположными по значению являются слова:

1) agree

2) admit

3) allow

4) lose

5) decrease

a) forbid

b) deny

c) disagree

d) increase

e) win

11. Лишним словом, не относящимся к тематической группе «sport», является:
a) mountaineering

b) sunbathing

c) yachting

d) skiing

Задание 12. Данные глаголы (слева) сочетаются со словами

1) lose

2) break

3) miss

4) run out of

5) forget

a) the train

b) petrol

c) the keys

d) somebody's telephone number

e) a vase

13. Данному контексту грамматически соответствует один из предложенных вариантов:

Your coat is new, but ____ isn't.

a) him

b) my

c) mine

d) her

14. Данному контексту грамматически соответствует один из предложенных вариантов:

You want some meat so you go to the ___.

a) butcher

b) butcher's

c) butchers

d) butchers'

15. Данному контексту грамматически соответствует один из предложенных вариантов:

You can write English better ____ anyone in the class.

a) as

b) than

c) of

d) else

16. Данному контексту грамматически соответствует одна из предложенных форм глагола:

He cut himself when he _____ a shave .

a) had

b) has

c) was having

d) is having

17. Данному контексту грамматически соответствует один из предложенных вариантов:

The gangsters made him ___the truth?

a) to tell

b) tell

c) to telling

d) telling

18. Предложение слева означает:

Unless he helps us we will fail to do it by Monday.

a) If he doesn't help us we will be able to do it by Monday.

b) If he helps us we won't be able to do it by Monday.

c) If he doesn't help us we won't be able to do it by Monday.

d) If he helps us less we will do it by Monday.

19. Глагол стоит в форме пассивного залога в предложении:
a) He was given good advice.

b) He was always giving good advice.

c) He will give good advice.

He has given good advice.

20. Порядок слов верен в предложении:
a) How she is tall!

b) How tall she is!

  1. с) How tall is she!

d) How she tall is!
21. Верными окончаниями данных предложений являются:

1) I have known my best friend …

2) I last went to the cinema …

3) We haven't had a break …

4) I go to this part of town …

a) for an hour.

b) for years.

c) two weeks ago.

d) every day.

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