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На устном экзамене в 9-х классах второе задание билета проверяет умения монологической речи.

Задание 2. Прочитайте текст и выскажитесь по проблеме, затронутой в тексте. Аргументируйте вашу точку зрения.

Задача экзаменуемого – сделать сообщение в связи с прочитанным текстом, высказать и аргументировать свое отношение к поднятой автором проблеме.

Для тренировки монологического высказывания можно использовать текст статьи Parents warned over the new EMO Goth danger, который соответствует темам Subcultures, Leisure Time Activities, Teenage Problems. После прочтения текста учащиеся должны уметь самостоятельно определить затронутые автором статьи темы, выбрать одну из тем и построить свое монологическое высказывание, используя знания по данной теме, полученные во время прохождения школьной программы, и информацию из статьи.

Parents Warned

over the New EMO Goth Danger

(By SARAH SANDS from Daily Mail)

Flicking through fashion magazines, I noticed that some of the models did not look very well.

A few of them appeared to be dead. This is because one of the key looks, especially at the younger end of the fashion spectrum, is Goth.

Faces are chalky white, eyes and lips black. You can wear any colour you like so long as it’s black.

The Emos – short for Emotional – regard themselves as a cool, young sub-set of the Goths.

Although the look is similar, the point of distinction, frightening for schools and parents, is a celebration of self harm.

Emos exchange competitive messages on their teenage websites about the scars on their wrists and how best to display them. Girls’ secondary schools have for some time been concerned about the increase in self harm.

The internet has many sites dedicated to Emo fashion (dyed black hair brushed over your face, black, black, black), Emo bands (Green Day, Tokio Hotel), Emo conversation (sighing, wailing, poetry).

Who are the male pin-ups for young girls? Johnny Depp. Lord Byron, of course, was the greatest Goth of all time.

Although Goths are from the same family tree as punks, they are a lot less fun to be with. While I loved punk for its energy, Goths were too bloodless to lift a finger.

One of the most annoying characteristics of teenagers is their refusal to open their curtains. Their world is dark and airless.

If this environment is coupled with the psychological traits of self-pity, introspection, self-dramatisation and hormone imbalance, you have a fully-fledged Emo, even without the small T-shirt and black hair.

What worries me is that teenagers are less equipped to manage strong emotions and a cult of suicide could have real and horrible consequences.

Варианты монологического высказывания после чтения текста:

1. Экзаменуемый остановился на теме Subcultures для высказывания своего отношения к вопросам, затронутым в статье:

I think young people have a particular relationship with the world. There are subcultures that have interests different from those of the mainstream culture. Young people want to express their individuality and have their own lifestyle. They choose some particular music and image. In my opinion, Emo culture is great. I listen to Emo bands like Green Day and Tokio Hotel. I prefer Emo style – the Emo Romulan look – short, thick, greasy, dyed-black hair with bangs cut straight across the forehead, and cut high over the ears. I don’t wear horn-rim glasses, but they are very Emo too. The style also includes heavy slacks, often too tight and short. They go with thin, too-small polyester button-ups in dark colors, or children’s size T-shirts with random slogans. Clunky black shoes are Emo fashion.

I often visit Emo websites to communicate with other Emo kids. Most of them are nuts about their favourite Emo music and Emo look. I don’t agree with the author of the article that they exchange messages about the scars on their wrists and how best to display them. I exchange messages with people who are different and don’t do any self harm.

2. Экзаменуемый остановился на теме Leisure Time Activities:

Schoolchildren usually don’t have much free time because they have to go to school and do their homework. Anyway, it’s great to have some leisure. The most popular leisure time activities are: doing sports, surfing the Internet, listening to music, watching TV and video, going out with friends, and travelling.

Some teenagers belong to cultural groupings that have values and beliefs different from others. For example, emokids. They listen to emocore. The society thinks about them as failures; they are not strong enough to hide their emotions, they’re sensitive, shy, introverted, and often quiet. Usually, Emo kids like to express their feeling writing poems about their problems with depression, confusion, and even anger. They believe the world fails to understand them. I agree that their self-pity and self-dramatisation may result in suicide. It is very dangerous. As for me, I would prefer to go skateboarding rather than listen to Tokio Hotel. Sighing, wailing and wearing black nail varnish are not for me. There are some Tokio Hotel fans in our class. Actually, I think they are silly.

3. Экзаменуемый остановился на теме Teenage Problems:

If you ask me, today a lot of reporters speak and write about teenage problems. The media covers such problems as alcohol, drugs, fights, and killings regularly. Some teenagers die from guns or commit suicide. I find this problem very serious.

In my opinion, teenage years may bring luck and happiness to some teenagers, and many dangers to others. Let’s consider possible dangers. I totally agree that a cult of suicide could have real and horrible consequences. It’s great if emo fashion is associated to popular skateboarding or snowboarding world or just to wearing fashion accessories. But for me the Goth look is associated with death. I share all the worries expressed by the author. It is unacceptable if emokids start cutting their wrists and then display the scars. Of course, parents and teachers should know about the problems that were listed in the article. I wonder what other people think about the issue.

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