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Special Topics

Контрольные вопросы и задания:

  • Fill in proper words from the list below:

  1. Lawyers in __________________ jurisdictions generally practise as solicitors in private firms, as legal ________________ in corporations, government departments, and __________________ agencies, or as barristers.

  2. They can each do ______________, draft ______________________ and give written advice, but solicitors, ____________ barristers, cannot appear in every _____________.

  3. Traditionally, solicitors ________________ work such as conveyancing, and ___________________ contracts and wills. Barristers spend more time in court and have _____________________ in the higher courts.

  4. Unlike solicitors, barristers cannot usually be _______________ directly by clients but are _________________ by solicitors.

  5. Solicitors normally form __________________ with other solicitors and work in offices with ____________________.

  6. The qualification and practice of solicitors are regulated by __________________.

  7. Barristers cannot form partnerships but must act as _____________________ with unlimited _______________.

  8. Some barristers are in employed practice and may only _______________ their employer, for example as in-house counsel.

  9. Many work independently in ____________________ in groups called _____________ or sets and practise at the Bar as a ________________.

  10. Chambers are traditionally ______________ in the four Inns of Court in London.

  11. The Inns are non-academic societies which provide educational _________________ for barristers and ________________.

  12. Members of chambers, known as _____________, share ___________________ and support services, which are administered by an administrative manager known as the _________________, along with ___________________ such as secretaries.

  13. A barrister’s main work is to ____________________ in the courts, where they are referred to as counsel, to draft documents associated with ___________________, and to give ___________________.

Sole traders

Court procedure

Ancillary staff



The Law Society

The United Kingdom


Support staff

Legal documents





A right of audience



Provide representation

Common expenses




Drawing up





Self-employed practice




  • Translate into Russian:

This case definitely concerns a criminal act.

If you see into the matter you will find out that the company doing transportation business has made some unlawful deals.

The case may even turn into a political affair.

The subject we are discussing is very important.

There are three items on the agenda and each includes a problem.

Our corporate lawyers have prepared the commentary on legal issues, but there are also financial questions to settle.

The point is that if we fail to work out a proper strategy we will go bankrupt.

This lawyer is an expert in litigation.

He has already defended a great number of clients in lawsuits.

So, if you need to start an action against this agency, ask him for advice.

After the consultations he will help you to draft a claim.

  • Barrister or Solicitor (B) or (S):

Will help you from the start

Can not represent you in court

Deals with clients, advises them and prepares legal documents

Speaks for clients in court

Does most of paper work for them

In America counselling and advocacy in law court is performed by

Speaks in higher courts

Can speak for their clients in lower courts

Is a lawyer who is a member of the BAR

Is a lawyer to whom a client transfers the right to deal with the case

  • Fill in the proper words:

Lawyers work to assure the principle of equal _____________________ to the people of the state.

A lawyer is __________ an advisor and an advocate.
As an advisor, a lawyer informs clients about ____________________ or _______________ persons, businesses, and the government in such matters s contracts and commercial ________________________.
As an advocate, a lawyer ________________ the clients in court.
A lawyer also advocates ____________________ clients in resolving disputes ______________.
Lawyers' work can include defending or prosecuting those ___________________ commiting a crime.
Lawyers _________________ legal issues, ______________ contracts, wills and other documents, counsel, mediate, and negotiate ________________.
Some lawyers ________________ advising corporations working as _________________ counsel.
They also act for the company in court if a dispute _______________.
Most lawyers _________________ in law firms that can be small or big, but usually have different areas ________________ clients on.
Usually, lawyers ______________ on a certain practice area: taxation or intellectual _________,

Some practise public interest law, for example working to protect the _________________.

Transactions, environment, in-house, justice under law, property, research, both, arises,

concentrate, acts for, legal matters, to counsel, accused of, represents, practise, out of court,

specialize in, on behalf of, draft, settlements.

  • Translate into Russian:

Scope of competence

To cover vast area of business activities

The planning stage of business

A partnership

Sole business

To draft the bylaws of the company

To make sure

To stay in compliance with law

To be applicable to

To be aware of smth.

A particular law that affects smb's business

To complain

To violate antitrust law

A business owner

To comply with laws on employment practice

To provide expertise in financial planning

Investment schemes

To deal with trusts on credit matters

To solve questions

Profit and loss distribution

To counsel on tax planning

To expand into the market

To acquire a company

To merge with a company

To be accused of doing smth.

To have a profound knowledge of smth.

Intellectual property laws

To protect trademark rights


To enter into a contract

Suppliers and customers

Contract negotiating

To perform drafting

Sophisticated work

To find smb's product faulty

To bring an action against smb.

In case of a dispute with a customer

To have a lawyer involved early on

To settle the matter quickly

Lawyer's responsibility

Legal requirements

Legal issues that arise in business

To establish a relationship with a lawyer

To get out of control

  • Fill in the proper word from the list below:

One who works for an organization

One employed to keep records or accounts or to perform general office work

To direct a business

To be in charge, to guide, organize and control

To exercise executive, administrative direction

To make or produce large quantities of goods to be sold, using machinery

To make something to be sold, using skills or imagination

One that provides job

One that does the job

One who is authorized to act for or in the place of another

One that purchases goods

One that consumes goods

One that exercises administrative or managerial control

To make preparations or plan

To make the necessary preparations so that some activities can happen

To give something to somebody in exchange for money

To get something by paying money

To buy something big or expensive, or in large quantities

To take into service

To engage the services of a person for a fee

to hire, clerk, to arrange, to employ, officer, agent, to purchase, to manage, executive, to run, employee, to buy, to direct, to produce, to sell, to manufacture, consumer, to organize, employer, customer

  • Fill in the proper words:

  1. How long does it ________ to _________ a lawyer?

  2. Law is not ___________ at the undergraduate level.

  3. Students _________ law only at law schools.

  4. Would you _______ us ______ with some details of the undergraduate _________?

  5. Law students need to develop the three _________ skills.

  6. These abilities can be ___________ by any major.

  7. A bachelor's ___________ at any top college that ___________ highly efficient _____________ will give you a better chance for ____________.

  8. Is it really that difficult __________ a law school?

  9. It is not difficult if you __________ high ________ the LSAT.

  10. If you __________ for LSAT properly it is not that hard.

  11. The test ___________ reading and ___________ reasoning skills that are ______________ to succeed in law school.

  12. It __________of five 35-minute sections of ____________ questions.

  13. Only four of the five sections will ___________ to your score.

  14. A successful ___________ becomes a happy student.

  15. What courses ___________ the first-year curriculum?

  16. Students ___________ the library, write legal __________, __________ documents and _____________ briefs.

  17. What other practical experience do they _____________?

  18. They _____________ in the school's __________ competitions, in __________ trails, and in legal __________ activities.

  19. A special semester is aimed ________ gaining practical experience: it is a ____________ learning model.

  20. It is essential to ___________ and ____________ the basic legal literacy.

  21. You _____________ from the school, __________ the JD and _________ a job.

  22. You must be ____________ and admitted to the __________.





Look for





















Read up

Fill in



Make up



To enter



Multiple choice







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