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Конспект открытого урока «Бюро путешествий» (“Travel Agency”).

Учебник: “New Millennium-7”

Автор: Деревянко Н.Н

Класс: 7 «а»

Учитель: Орлова Н.В

Дата: 12 Ноября 2008

Тип урока: активизация лексических единиц по теме «От Калифорнии до острова Нью-Йорк»

Форма урока: урок-путешествие
Цель урока: развитие коммуникативных навыков

Задачи: Образовательные: 1. Отработать и активизировать новые лексические

единицы и лексические структуры по теме

«От Калифорнии до острова Нью-Йорк».

2. Уметь находить нужную информацию в прочитан-

ном или прослушанном тексте.

Развивающие: 1. Способствовать как самостоятельной, так и совместной

работе учащихся на уроке и во внеурочное время.

2. Развивать творческие способности учащихся.

Воспитательная: 1. Способствовать расширению кругозора учащихся

и развивать их познавательный интерес.

Учебный материал: раздаточный материал для аудирования “ American trip”, проектор, компьютеры, рисунки для театрализации « флаг США, колокол свободы, корона статуи свободы».
Ход урока.

  1. Оргмомент.

  • Приветствие. (T.-Cl)

T: Good morning, boys and girls. How are you feeling today?

Cl: We are great. And you?

T: I am fine, too.

  • Введение в ситуацию. На экране заставка “ Travel Agency Cloud № 9”.(T.)

T: we are glad to see you in our Travel Agency “ Cloud № 9”. Today we'd like to present you our American tour. Join us on our American trip, if you want to see wonderful nature, great cities and to know about American symbols. Please, be attentive, active and have fun.

Firstly, I'd like to introduce our guides, who help you to know a lot of new and interesting information.

Secondly, you get “American trip” route. You have to listen to our guides attentively and “American trip” list helps you to travel successfully with us.(см.приложение)

  1. Основная часть.

    • Отработка навыков монологической речи. На экране фото «Карта США». (T.-P1.-P2.-P3.)

T: Let's start. I think you know the USA is located in North America. To the north of the USA is Canada; to the south is Mexico. There are 50 states in the United States. The capital of the USA is Washington. One of the most beautiful sights in America is nature. Today we want to tell you about some of them.
P1: (на экране фото Гранд Каньона) Grand Canyon, deep, steep-walled canyon in northwestern Arizona, excavated by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is 446 km long, up to 29 km wide, and more than 1,500 km deep. It's the deepest and longest canyon in North America. Wildlife around the canyon has got unique species of squirrels, pumas, deer and other animals.

P2: (на экране фото долины Смерти) Death Valley- lifeless length about 225 km in the east of California and the southwest of Nevada. This is one of the hottest places in the world. Here were found layer of copper, gold, lead, silver. Nature of Death Valley is different and beautiful: here are famous badlands, dunes, shallow canyons, and in spring lifeless hills are covered with millions of flowers.

P3: (на экране фото Ниагарского водопада) Niagara Falls –united name of three falls on the Niagara river. Niagara Falls have got “Horseshoe Falls”, “American Falls”, “Bridal Veil Falls”. The height of the falls is 53m. The wide of “American Falls” is 323 m, the wide of “Horseshoe Falls” is 792. The beauty of Niagara Falls is very amazing and impressive.

T: Thank you, our guides are brilliant!

  • Послетекстовый этап. Активизация ЛЕ по теме « природа Америки». Заполнение первой части маршрутного листа. ( T.- P1.-P2.)

T: You've just listened about the great Nature but as you can see the information mixed in our route. I think you are very attentive and open-minded tourists; so find and tell us the right variant. Where is the Grand Canyon located?

P1: The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona.

T: How is it long?

P2: It is 446km long. And so on.

  • Отработка навыков монологической речи. (T.-P1.-P2)

T: Let's continue our trip. We can't forget about the capital of the United States, Washington DC and well-known New York City.

P1: (на экране фото города Вашингтона, Белого Дома, Капитолия, монумент Вашингтону). Washington DC is the capital of the United States. The city has got wide streets, parks and beautiful buildings. The most famous building is the White House. This is the home of the president. Another important building is the Capitol, where Congress meets. Also you can see Washington Monument. Its weight is 91 thousand of tones and its height is 169m. Washington Monument is the highest monument in the world.

P2: (на экране фото Нью-Йорка) New York is one of the famous city in the world. In this city you can meet mixing of all races, religious, languages, styles. New York is located on three islands on the Hudson river. All the most interesting sightseeing is on Manhattan: the Empire State Building, Chrysler (famous skyscrapers), Metropolitan Opera, and Central Park. But the best-known symbol of the USA is the Statue of Liberty.

T: Thanks a lot, you are great!

  • Послетекстовый этап. Активизация ЛЕ по теме «Города и достопримечательности» Заполнение второй части маршрутного листа. (T.- P1.-P2.)

T: All tourists are very active. I think now you know why Washington and New-York are famous.

P1: Washington DC is the capital of the United States.

P2: The home of the president is the White House.

T: Thanks, you are right!

  • Динамическая пауза. (T.-Cl)

T: There is a very long flight to the USA. We don't have to get tired. So, we should make some exercises.

Hands up, hands down,

Hands on hips, sit down.

Stand up, hands to the sides.

Bend left, bend right

One, two, three, hop.

One, two, three, stop.

  • Отработка навыков монологической речи. (T.-P1.-P2.-P3) Дети выходят в образе символов.

T: Every country has own symbols and our guides want to present you American symbols.

P1: (на экране фото флага США) Hello, I am the flag of the United States. Betsy Ross made me in 1776. I had seven red and six white stripes for the thirteen Americans colonies. Now I have got fifty stars for the fifty states, but the number of stripes is the same- thirteen.

P2: (на экране фото статуи Свободы) Good morning, I am the Statue of Liberty. I stand on island in New-York Harbor. I was put up in 1886. I was given to the US hundredth birthday. I, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom.

P3: (на экране фото колокола Свободы) Hello, I am the Liberty Bell. I rang out in July 1776 in Philadelphia, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. I weigh over o ton. But I cracked in 1835. Now I am in Museum in Philadelphia and I never ring.

T: Thanks a lot! You are super!

  • Послетекстовый этап. Активизация ЛЕ по теме «Символы Америки» Заполнение третьей части маршрутного листа. ( T.- P1.-P2.)

T: I think you are curious tourists. So, ask each other what you know about American Symbols.

P1: Who made the first American flag?

P2: Betsy Ross made the first American flag. Do you know why there are thirteen stripes on it?

P3: Yes, I do. Because of the thirteen colonies.

T: Thank you! Well done!

  • Беседа с опорой на изученную лексику.(T.-P1.-P2) На экране опора I'd like to visit… , because it is fun, interesting, amazing, exciting, enjoying, relaxing, inspiring.

T: You've just listened varied information about America. I am as a boss of Travel Agency want to know what place would you like to visit and why?

P1: I'd like to visit… , because it is …(вариант ответа)

P2: I want to see … , because it is…(вариант ответа)

  • Практическая часть.

T: Наша тур фирма объявляет конкурс на лучший буклет. Сейчас у вас есть время воспользоваться компьютерами и приготовить макет вашего будущего буклета. Проявите фантазию, а ваши маршрутные листы будут для вас источником информации.

  1. Заключительный этап.

  • Итоги

T: We have finished our American trip. I hope you liked it. We had a lot of information about…

P1: American nature.

P2: Washington DC and New York Сity

P3: American symbols and also start to prepare a booklet.

T: Good for you. Thank you.

  • Выставление оценок и их анализ.

  • Домашнее задание. Приготовить буклет для тур фирмы “ Cloud № 9”.

T: Thank you for the lesson. See you soon.


American trip.

  1. Nature. Listen to about American nature. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words.

  1. deepest 2. the Colorado River 3. 1500 km 4. longest 5. Arizona 6. 446 km 7. 29 km

Grand Canyon is in northwestern … , excavated by … . The Grand Canyon is … long, up to … wide (в ширину ) , more than … deep( в глубину ). It is the … and … canyon in North America.
2. 1. Nevada 2. different 3. 225 km. 4. California 5. hottest 6. gold 7. silver

Death Valley is lifeless length ( безжизненная равнина ) about … , located in the east … and the southwest of state … . This is one of the … places in the world. Here were found layer ( обнаружены залежи ) of … , copper (медь )… , lead( свинец ).

Nature is … and beautiful in spring lifeless hills are covered ( покрываются ) with millions of flowers.

  1. 1. 53m. 2. three 3. 323m. 4. “American Falls” 5. 792m.

Niagara Falls consists of ( состоит из ) … falls on the Niagara River. Niagara Falls has got “ Horseshoe Falls”(«подкова») , … , “Bridal Veil Falls” ( «фата» ). The height of the falls is … . The wide of “American Falls” is … . The wide of “Horseshoe Falls” is … .

  1. Cities. Listen to the information about Washington and New York and fill in the gaps .

    1. … is the capital of the United States.

    2. … is located on three islands on the Hudson River.

    3. There are the White House and the Capitol in … .

    4. The home of president is … .

    5. … the highest monument in the world.

    6. The best known symbol of the United States is … .

III. Symbols. Find the right answer on the questions.

    1. Who made the first American flag? A. for the thirteen colonies

    2. Why are there thirteen stripes on it? B. in 1886

    3. How many stars are there on the flag? C. Betsy Ross

    4. Who gave the Statue of Liberty to the USA? D. the Declaration of Indepen-

dence was signed

    1. When was the Statue of Liberty put up?

    2. Why did the Liberty Bell ring in July 1776? E. the people of France

F. 50

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